Anti Snoring

Anti Snoring Treatment

Nightlase is a non-invasive treatment of the part of the airway, leading to reduction in snoring and better breathing both during the night and day.

There is no down time, no known side effects except for a few hours of feeling of dry mouth and very small chance of having small, self-healing blisters on the soft palate.

What we aim to achieve is toning up the softened and saggy tissues at the back of the mouth, increasing the volume of the airway which reduces the vibration causing the snoring.

We need a session for consultation, then 3 to 5 treatment sessions 3 weeks apart.

We do this by using Fotona Lightwalker's Erbium:YAG and Nd:YAG lasers with a specific protocol.

Snoring is a social issue but can be a serious danger to general health.

It can be a sign of sleep apnea or can develop into sleep apnea.

Signs to watch out for: day time sleepiness, teeth grinding, waking up frequently, mouth breathing

More treatments like tongue-tie release, braces, myofunctional exercises for the tongue, mandibular advancement device may be needed and would be discussed in detail.

In many cases a referral to your GP or sleep center/physician or ENT specialist may be needed.

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  • Treatment Duration: 3-5 sessions
  • Recovery Time: None / Same day

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