Tens of millions of patients have had surgical intervention since the beginning of laser surgery; however, tens of millions have opted to wait. In some cases, some patients were not suitable for surgery due to various anatomical problems, With iLASIK surgery many questions were eliminated and patients were able to decide to have surgery in a more assured way. This machine and technology are approved by NASA and the U.S. Army.

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  • Treatment Duration: 2 days
  • Recovery Time: 1 day

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iLASIK that is used with combination of INTRALASE (Nonsurgical Laser)™ and WaveFront ™ results in 120% success rate in vision and this success is permanent. Vision percentage after the treatment is based on the person´s eye structure and this can be determined with examination before the surgery. It is used to create corneal flaps non-surgically; therefore, it allows us to create the flaps as needed.


We used to approach patients with thin cornea, or high corneal curvatures (with the condition of no keratoconus), or patients with very flat corneas with caution. Now, we can create flaps specific to each person.This is a very innovative development for laser eye surgery.

Important Factors in iLASIK Treatment

Important factors in iLasik treatment are not different than other treatments. A very detailed eye examination takes place as always,

  • Autorefractometer values with / without eye drops
  • Best vision values with / without eye-glasses
  • Corneal Topography with Orbscan-Pentacam-Wavefront –Toplyser
  • A detailed fundus examination
  • Pupil diameter in the dark and in the light


iLASIK is a method that we prefer because it is a non-surgical method. With instruments we can easily create flaps, which we could not create with microkeratome (thin corneas, vertical corneas, etc.). Unwanted situations such as button holes, half flaps, small flapfreeflaps that could arise with microkeratome are eliminated with this technique.
High degree of success is reached with this method.

Perfection and accuracy are achieved with computer technology in personalized flap thickness and its location-which in turn causes recovery time to be quick and for the patient to have a better vision faster.

Femtosecond laser technology is used in Intralase. A continuous laser beam that is created by 1500 laser pulses per second causes perfect separation on the stroma with 2-3 micron bubbles containing carbon dioxide and water.

iLASIK; treatment is a method that combines best changes in laser technology. Everything that is done is personalized and it allows a treatment specific to your eye. We have seen patients reaching a clear vision the same day after the surgery. They experienced little pain or watering and vision quality was restored quickly.

A one-year post-surgery study revealed that over 95% of patients had found they no longer needed to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Are you Suitable for iLASIK?

  • Patients who have no Keratoconus or high eye pressure
  • Those over the age of 18
  • Those with no diabetes or rheumatic diseases
  • Patients whose eye structure found fit after high-tech examinations can undergo this surgery.

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